May 24, 2021
A first experiment with the prototype of the mini green radio probe was ruined in the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in the Parco Gustavo Colonnetti in Turin. The group included POLITO, ENVISENS and INRIM
May 6, 2021
In this interesting work, the large scale dynamics of warm atmospheric clouds are strongly coupled to small scale turbulence and droplet microphysics. The entrainment-mixing process is crucial in
May 6, 2021
The collision of water droplets in a turbulent cloud-clear air environment has been investigated in the master thesis by Mattia Tomatis. In this work, they emphasize the numerical measurements of
May 6, 2021
The master thesis on the subject of the DNS analysis of warm cloud microphysics and related mixing dynamics at the cloud-clear air interface has been finalized by Davide Codoni. A simplified cloud
April 22, 2021
The paper is about quantifying the amount of turbulence in the atmosphere. Turbulence contributes to many atmospheric phenomena, including atmospheric convection and clouds. Several methods have been
April 19, 2021
Abstract accepted for GU General Assembly 2021, online conference by UW group. Authors: Mohammadi, M., Nowak, J., Bertens, A., Molacek, J., Kumala, W., and Malinowski, S. Employing a shadowgraph