Antonio Ibanez Landeta

MSc. In Physics (2017) Universidad de Chile, Chile

BSc. In Physics (2012) Universidad de Chile, Chile

Curriculum Vitae
Ibanez CV91.47 KB
ESR8 - Development of ultrafast temperature, velocity and humidity probe inside NSTAP’s (nanoscale thermal anemometry probe) family

- To develop and improve an ultrafast temperature, velocity and humidity probe following the design of the NSTAP (nanoscale thermal anemometry probe) family patented by Hultmark et al. in 2014 and outlined in e.g. "Nanoscale sensing devices for turbulence measurements" by Fan et al., Exp Fluids (2015). The innovative design of the NSTAP probes makes them prime candidates for the development of ultrafast probes of within multiphase flows such as clouds, due to their already superior robustness to cloud-particle impacts.

- To further optimise the design with the aim of minimising the expected damage to the probe by particles suspended in the flow, and minimising the effect of particle striking the probe on the data quality.

- To perform field measurements of cloud microphysics using the probes developed, either at the research station Schneefernerhaus, or from the research balloon HeliKite owned by MPG during one of their campaigns.

Expected Results

Design, prototyping, calibration and testing of a new temperature, velocity and humidity probe, with a frequency response of up to 100kHz, that is suitable for use in multiscale flows such as warm and mixed clouds. High-frequency experimental data providing insight into cloud microphysics obtained by the probes from one or more field campaigns, and from wind tunnel measurements.

Planned secondment(s)
  • UFS (Zugspitze)    Month 28: In field measurements by means of the new probes;
  • UW (Warsaw)       Month 30 - 31: Comparison of cloud measurements.

I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. Since I was very little, I’ve liked doing interesting stuff with things while (most of the time) not breaking them, so you could say that my inclination for experimental physics comes from my childhood. My previous work experience includes synthesis and characterization of different kind of nanostructures, and its application to different areas of science. So far my not - so - steady hands have not impeded me of pursuing my interests in this area.