Guettler Johannes

M.Sc.  (2016) Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
B.Eng. (2012) University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg, Germany

Curriculum Vitae
ESR6 - Development of a droplet generator, drop collision measurement
  • To develop a drop generator capable of rapid creation of liquid droplets of sizes 5-50 µm, similar to those typically found in warm clouds.
  • To control also the initial velocity of the created drops, both in magnitude and direction.
  • Experimental measurement of the coalescence rate of droplets generated with the device.
Expected Results

Design, prototyping, calibration and testing of a new droplet generator, with drop size and drop velocity control. The drop generator can then be used to calibrate other equipment (e.g. particle-tracking systems, interferometers) and to speed up and refine other experiments. Using two suche devices, experimental results on the drop collision and coalescence rate can be obtained, leading to a better understanding of their dependence on the relative velocity, size and angle of impact of the drops.

Planned secondment(s)
  • SIT (Torino)       Month 14: instrumentation development.
  • ENV (Torino)     Month 15: comparison of dropmeasurements methods.
  • UW (Warsaw)  Month 31-32: laboratory tests.

Hello! I'm an engineer now studying experimental physics which means that I went from solving existing problems to also coming up with new ones. I have a passion for everything related to space science and technology and my hope is that the work in this project will help us to understand the processes in our atmosphere (and other atmospheres, for that matter) a little better. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics and a Master of Science in Space Technology. The things I enjoyed most during my studies where working on a prototype in support of an upcoming ESA mission (HABIT, on board of ExoMars 2020) and work on the payload of a sounding rocket, which was launched to the edge of space in March 2017. Have a nice day!

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