Boetti Marco

Master degree in Physics, Università di Torino, Italy.

Curriculum Vitae
Boetti CV118.66 KB
ESR7 - Lagrangian properties of aerosol parcels at the turbulent/non-turbulent interfaces with density jumps

Experimental and numerical based estimates of "apparent diffusivity" of particles and fluid parcels crossing the turbulent/non-turbulent interfaces with density jumps.

Expected Results

Parameterisation and a model of the spreading rate and "apparent diffusivity" constants as a function of density jump, and particle-related parameters (Reynolds, Stokes).

Planned secondment(s)
  • POLITO (Torino)                                Month 12-14: studying the "apparent diffusivity" estimates from high-performance numerical simulations
  • ICL (London)                                      Month 24-26: learning the numerical simulation methods for stratified flows with high Peclet numbers
  • MPG/UFS (Goettingen/Zugspitze)     Month 30: studying applicativity of "diffusivity" parameters in wind measurement applications

After having learnt physics fundamentals during the Bachelor's degree program, I decided to attend the Master's degree program in Physics with a geophysics outline. Among the courses available in this academic program, my interest was oriented on atmosphere dynamic topics. Hence my prociency area is related mainly to atmospheric physics within the PBL: meteorological processes, turbulence and dispersion phenomena, geophysics numerical modeling.