University of Warsaw is the leading university in Poland. Faculty of Physics, Institute of Geophysics, Atmospheric Physics Division (APD) specializes in physics of clouds and atmospheric aerosols and collaborates with leading scientific institutions as the National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA) Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (Germany).

Malinowski Szymon

Faculty of Physics
Full Professor

Early Stage Researchers

ESR9 - Small-scale turbulence and spatial distribution of droplets in clouds

The project is aimed at joint investigation of droplet spatial distribution and small-scale turbulence in clouds. We plan to measure positions and velocities of cloud droplets in a two-dimensional plane enlightened by a laser sheet technique. We will build a device allowing for uniform illumination of cloud volume of the area ~50x50 cm2 and of variable thickness (~1mm to ~2cm).

ESR10 - Sub-grid scale modelling of particle transport in Large Eddy Simulations of fluid flows

The project is aimed at numerical modelling of transport and interactions of Stokes particles, such as cloud droplets and other aerosols (WP 3, 4). In high Reynolds number flows, say in a cumulus cloud, there is a gap of 2-4 decades between the Kolmogorov scale and the size of transported droplets. Therefore, even Direct Numerical Simulations of the flow require sub-grid scale (SGS) modelling to account for droplet transport and interactions within one grid cell.