SITAEL is the largest privately-owned Space Company in Italy leading the development of the Small Satellites sector. With over 300 employees and state-of-the-art facilities, SITAEL covers all the processes needed for the Design, Development and Production of Small Satellites, Advanced Propulsion Systems, Instruments and Avionics.

The passion for high-tech and innovation led SITAEL to engage in other areas at the forefront of technology: the Industrial sector, with high-reliability electronics for Railways and for other safety critical applications, the emerging field of Internet of Things and the world of instrumentation for Scientific applications.

Angarano Matteo

Particle Physics

Early Stage Researchers

ESR14 - Microelectronic systems for innovative sensors control. Innovative sensors for the measurement of concentration of the chemical species

Design and Development of microelectronic systems for innovative sensors control: feasibility studies, the size estimation, power and package definition, application circuit study, breadboard implementation, electrical specifications definition, testing-oriented design definition, optimization of system dimensions and weight, identification of materials with low environmental impact.