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van Reeuwijk Maarten

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Senior Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics

Vassilicos John Christos

Department of Aeronautics
Professor of Fluid Mechanics

Early Stage Researchers

ESR3 - Interfacial dynamics of aerosols and droplets
  1. Study of particles (aerosols/droplets) in interfacial dynamics either in shear-free mixing layers where the interface is between two different turbulent intensity fields or in cases where the interface will be between a turbulent and a non-turbulent field.
  2. Study of interfaces as they appear in wakes and jets to simulate in the laboratory and the computer the kind of turbulent/non-turbulent interfacial physics which may be found in clouds under certain conditions.
ESR4 - The effect of buoyancy on the dynamics of aerosols and particles
  1. Numerical study (Direct Numerical Simulation) of the interaction between the flow interface and an approximately collocated buoyancy interface
  2. Influence of the nonlinear dependence of buoyancy on mixing fraction in clouds, and how these enhance/reduce turbulent exchange
  3. Dynamics of buoyant inertial particles