Taraprasad Bhowmick

Master of Science (2015) in Mining Engineering at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA.

Bachelors of Engineering (2013) in Mining Engineering at the IIEST Shibpur, India.

Curriculum Vitae
ESR1 - Transport across warm turbulent interfaces
  1. Numerical analysis by using Lagrangian Turbulence spectral solvers of the transport of energy, water vapour and droplets across the interface warm cloud/clear air in a stably and non-stably stratified environment.
  2. Lagrangian analysis of small inertial water droplets in suspension (1 -100 micron) across turbulent-non turbulent cloud interfaces and inside warm clouds.
  3. Inclusion of effects associated to buoyancy and condensation/evaporation.
Expected Results
  1. Measure of the spreading rate of the water vapour across the interface.
  2. Entrainment of dry air or detrainment of moisture.
  3. Determination of the flow rates and their modelling.
  4. Creation of a Lagrangian database for dispersed small water droplets.
Planned secondment(s)
  1. ICL, London           M15 and M16
  2. TAU, Tel Aviv         M24 and M25
  3. MPG, Göttingen    M29 and M30
  4. UFS, Zugspitze     Time Variable
  5. MTF, Warszawa    M32

Born in Eastern part of India, I spent my entire years of upbringing in my hometown Kalna. After completion of my schooling till 12th grade, I moved out of my hometown for the first time to pursue Bachelors of Engineering (2009-13) in Mining Engineering discipline in IIEST Shibpur, India (Just nearby Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta).

This first move started a series of movements in my life, where I reached Alaska after completion of my Bachelors to pursue Maters of Science (2013-15) in the University of Alaska Fairbanks in USA. Though the major was still Mining Engineering, but some foundation of Atmospheric Sciences, Heat transfer engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Geostatistics and more, left some impression within.

Okkk…. No more technical stuffs…. The entire year of 2016 and beginning of 2017 was probably so called undefined journey, but for me it was probably the most defined journey of my life. It was a peaceful time, in couple of unprivileged schools, teaching almost the entire day all possible subjects and simultaneously learning so much. It was my return back to Nature, to my Fragile but sweetly melodious Bamboo flutes, songs and cooking. Meanwhile I also started my journey together with somebody.

And finally I am writing this comment tab being in Turin, Italy. Got an opportunity to pursue PhD in Cloud Physics in Politecnico di Torino as a researcher in the COMPLETE project. Another chapter already started…


Direct Numerical Simulation of a Warm Cloud Top Model Interface: Impact of the Transient Mixing on Different Droplet Population

Document type
T. Bhowmick, M. Iovieno

Direct Numerical Simulation of a Warm Cloud Top Model Interface: Impact of the Transient Mixing on Different Droplet Population. Fluids. 2019; Volume 4, no. 3:144.

Transient evolution of warm cloud – clear air interface and its impact on cloud droplet evolution

Document type
T. Bhowmick, D. Codoni, V. Ruggiero, D. Tordella

12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference. 09 - 13 September 2018. Vienna, Austria.