Amirnazmiafshar, Ehsan

Master of Science in Transportation Engineering: Istanbul Technical University 

Curriculum Vitae
ESR16 - Floating cloud radiosondes data analysis from in-field and laboratory experiments

Development of mini green radio-probes. Analysis of data produced by innovative expendable bio-compatible radio-probes released and floating in warm clouds. Comparison of field data with numerical simulations.

Expected Results

Advanced spectral and statistical data from such observations. Contribution to shaping our understanding of microphyscial processes in clouds. Generation of a Lagrangian database for pressure, temperature, humidity, aerosol concentration, velocity and acceleration fluctuations inside warm clouds over land and alpine environments. 

Planned secondment(s)

IIT, Smart Materials deparment at Genova - Months 52 - 53: development of expendable bio-compatible radio-probes.