October 6, 2017

On October 6th, the first meeting was held between three Marie Curie fellows, Miryam Paredes (EnviSens), Tung Bui Duc (Sitael) and Tessa Chiara Basso (Politecnico), their supervisors and Prof. Canavero, director of the Doctoral School. Miryam Paredes and Tung Bui Duc had the opportunity to meet their academic supervisor, Prof. Canavero, for the first time and they outlined the requirements for their academic development within the project. Furthermore, the meeting was an opportunity for the representatives of Politecnico, EnviSens and Sitael to meet in order to clarify the specific role of each student with regards to the development of the biodegradable probes.  Moreover, Miryam and Tessa presented the preliminary results of their work so far to Tung and the representatives of Sitael in order to discuss the further steps to be taken in collaboration with Sitael.