July 30, 2020


ENVISENS and Politecnico groups, especially our ESRs 12 and 15, Miryam Paredes and Shahbozbek Abduabiev, together with their supervisors Prof. Perona and Prof. Tordella, were finally able to carry out an experiment that was planned for a very long time. We should also acknowledge the great help and mentorship of Prof. Pasero whose input and guidance were very precious. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown in Italy, the experiment took place only now. The goal of the experiment was to test both the radioprobe’s transmission ranges and its sensor operation (temperature, pressure, humidity, acceleration and GNSS). Unfortunately, there were some problems with the UAV and the experiment needs to be finished. Therefore, be prepared to follow up on further development and progress of this experiment. 


Here you can have a look of how our ESRs and their supervisors carried out the experiment: VID-20200727-WA0016.mp4